Orchard Supports St Mirren’s Solar Energy Bid

St Mirren Football Club could soon be the greenest club in Scottish football if plans to convert energy supplies at the ground from traditional to renewable sources get the go ahead.

The proposals could see the installation of around 500 solar panels to the stadium roof, a move the Club hopes will lead to a dramatic reduction in electricity bills.

St Mirren director Richard Atkinson believes sourcing the Club’s power from renewables would offer both environmental and economic benefits.

He said, “This is one of the only guaranteed wins in football, reducing the carbon footprint of the Club and providing us with a cheap source of power at a known price for the future in a market that is seeing ever increasing costs”.

After deciding to explore the possibilities of going green, the Club asked Glasgow-based energy management consultancy Orchard Energy to carry out a feasibility study at the ground to examine the possibility of switching to solar power.

Keith Barlow, energy consultant at Orchard Energy, explained: By assessing current usage and existing energy contracts we advise on where savings can be made and this can involve exploring green alternatives.”

“Our first task for St Mirren was to conduct a thorough review of Scotland’s renewable energy market and Ayrshire based VG Energy is currently running simulation tests using its solar power system, which has been specifically designed for the Scottish climate.”

Orchard Energy recently hit the headlines for helping Paisley Abbey secure a five figure rebate and the company’s energy team is currently encouraging all businesses, charities and churches to review their energy bills and usage.

“Our partnership with St Mirren not only involves the management of the Club’s energy but the launch of a project that could see St Mirren becoming the first solar powered football club in the UK,” said Mr Barlow.

VG’s monocrystalline solar systems are designed for use in both domestic and commercial settings.

Tony MacDonald, who heads up VG Energy’s solar division, said, “We are delighted to be advising St Mirren Football Club as they explore what could potentially be a ground breaking renewables installation and one that would benefit not only the Club, but also the community.

“With St Mirren leading the way we hope that more Scottish football clubs will consider adopting a zero carbon approach and enjoy the financial benefits associated with going green.”

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