Academy achieves significant energy savings

With schools and academies across the country looking for ways to save money due to the budget cuts, a Cumbrian Academy asked for our help to find help lower energy costs.

Cumbria Academy asked for our help due to their energy supplier charging them for energy on demolished outbuildings. We conducted an initial desktop analysis, checking bills for any allowances due, benchmarking consumption against industry averages, as well as checking if surfaces water was connected and if the area banding was correct.

From this research, our experts identified a possible surface water non-connection at the site. During the visit, we lifted lids to confirm the direction surface water was travelling, looked at a watercourse nearby and surrounding areas where the surface water discharged to, and confirmed the findings.

Our team also gathered further information such as drainage plans, planning applications and rateable value data, then collated the date to submit to the supplier.

Following various on-site meetings with the supplier and an initial rejection, we were also able to clarify that the demolished outbuildings on the new academy site were not the responsibility of the client.

Once processed, the claim saved the academy a staggering £21,091 per annum whilst also receiving a healthy refund of £93,734.52.

Stephen Lester, business manager from West Lakes Academy, said: “Using Kinect Energy, formerly Orchard Energy’s negotiating expertise and knowledge of the market meant that areas where we were haemorrhaging money with water were identified.

“We are really appreciative of the savings they made, which will make a significant contribution to address the financial challenges we are facing at present.”