We helped Yorkshire bakery make cost savings on energy

Our team of experts helped Sheffield based Brook Bakery make significant cost savings on its energy bills.

We analysed Brook Bakery’s energy usage and found it was paying a considerable amount for its tunnel oven at the facility which was using a large amount of gas. As a result we helped the company make a number of savings.

John Ames, managing director at Brook Bakery said: “The bakery facility uses the most energy and Kinect Energy identified that our tunnel oven was using a phenomenal amount of gas. They worked with us to secure the best deal and this has led to a cost saving of 7% on the contracts we have most recently signed with Kinect. Due to the savings gained, we have been able to update our delivery vehicles, employ four new members of staff and open a new shop also employing a further five people.”

Amar Hussain, managing director at Kinect Energy, formerly Orchard Energy, said: “We have been working with Brook Bakery for a number of years and have reduced their overall energy spend significantly by around 25%, alongside effectively managing their various different sites.

“At Kinect Energy we strive to secure the best rates for our customers and are really pleased that this has led to positive change for Brook Bakery.”