Reduce energy overheads and stay ahead of the game

Despite many Aberdeen businesses in the oil and gas industry seeing a drop in turnover and profits due to current sector trends, two businesses are staying ahead of the game by reducing their energy overheads with the help of Kinect Energy Group, formerly Orchard Energy.

Cammach Properties and Xodus Group recently worked with our Aberdeen office to take advantage of our specialist knowledge of the energy sector, and its buying power, to help source the best energy rates available.

Cammach previously dealt with suppliers directly or used a small broker for procurement only.

As a result we’ve helped Cammach secure competitive utility rates, while providing them with full management of their utility portfolio, including continuous invoice validation.

Xodus originally sourced a saving of 19% direct from the supplier and we were able to increase that to 21%.

At Kinect Energy we’re also co-aligning the business’s meter end dates so the tendering process is once per annum - and not when each meter contract expires, which will help Xodus avoid paying over the odds.

William Barclay, Managing Director from Cammach, said: “We’ve had to make a lot of changes to the business, cope with an ever changing business environment, and continually improve efficiency to deal with rising overhead costs.  We are benefiting positively from Kinect’s buying power, skills and established relations, and have already received a valued service.”

Fiona Paterson, Office Manager at Xodus Group, said: “We were keen to have a national broker with a local presence that offered more than just energy procurement and Kinect Energy ticked all the right boxes. They are specialists who understand the market, have good relationships with suppliers and excellent buying power.”

A spokesperson at Kinect Energy, formerly Orchard Energy, said: “Due to the lower oil price, it is now as important as ever for businesses in the sector to ensure that all expenditure is kept to a minimum, and every opportunity to secure better deals and service must be taken.”