UK Government to fund carbon capture, utilisation & storage

The UK Government has committed to provide up to £162 million in funding for Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technology, in an attempt to improve energy efficiency. An additional £6.5 million will be going towards funding for a research programme including 10 European countries including Norway, Germany, and France, to continue to develop CCUS technology further afield. This is ground-breaking news, especially after the Government withdrew funding in 2015 for similar CCUS projects.

UK Energy Minister Claire Perry announced that the UK is joining Saudi Arabia and Mexico in an international challenge to remove carbon from emissions. She stated:

My ambition is for the UK to become a global technology leader in carbon capture, working with international partners to reduce its costs. As the UK has led the debate globally on tackling climate change and pioneering clean growth, we are leading this global challenge with an initial £21.5 million investment in CCUS innovation - a key part of our modern Industrial Strategy.

And the wider outcome is to aim to develop CCUS technology to become commercially available on a large scale.

Already, Drax power station in Yorkshire has set out to develop CCUS tech alongside the University of Leeds, in the hope that the technology will make power produced at the Biomass station carbon negative.

CCUS Drax.png

CCUS technology has traditionally been an expensive path to reduced carbon emissions, however additional funding and improved knowledge should help eradicate previous conceptions of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage.





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