Coal fired power in the UK continues to decrease, making way for renewable sources of electricity

Recent statistics from the department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy have shown a rapid decline in the consumption of coal in the UK. Furthermore, on a global scale, the dependence on coal fired power has dropped over the last two years. This looks set to continue, as the UK announced plans to close all coal power stations by 2025. The new Government could change things, however for now this plan of action still remains.

The increase in renewable energy across the UK, including Wind Farms, Solar PV, Anaerobic Digestion, Hydro Power, Converted Biomass, etc have all contributed to the lessening reliance on fossil fuels such as coal and gas. While the UK depends on gas fired power as a main source of electricity, on Wednesday 7th June, National Grid reported that:

For the first time ever this lunch time, wind, nuclear, and solar were all generating more than both gas and coal combined.
— National Grid

In fact, coal consumption in the UK has fallen by around 52% since 2015. We even had one full winter day supplying the whole of England without any coal fired assistance. If the Government continues with its plans to shut down all coal power stations by 2025, there is no reason for the UK to become completely coal free. Gas fired power looks to remain supplying the bulk of the UK’s electricity supply. Therefore we are not 100% fossil fuel free, however this is a huge achievement so far.





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