Project Nexus - Gas Industry Changes

Project Nexus is a huge industry change, and houses a multitude of different amendments to the current UK energy market, etc. From June 2017 there will be a huge change to the UK gas system, whereby Xoserve will be updating the central gas system for the UK. It is the biggest change since it's de-privatisation in the late 1990's. the changes are being driven by Ofgem, which means that this is a mandatory update.

The project will take place from 1st June 2017, after the upgrading process taking place between 23rd and 31st May 2017. There may be some disruption to pricing for gas meters with a June 17 start date during this time.

Independent gas transporters and Transco will be able to access the same information, and share data with Xoserve. This will help speed up supplier processes too, as currently IGT’s struggle to see relevant data, and vice versa. All in all, the whole gas system is being upgraded to provide more accuracy to transporters, suppliers and end users. This means more accurate gas billing for our clients!

There will be some changes to AQ's and how they are calculated. Currently AQ's and SOQ's are calculated on an annual basis by Xoserve - usually referred to as "October Rounds". Project Nexus will ensure that AQ's are calculated on a rolling monthly basis, which should lead to accurate consumption figures and accurate billing.

Furthermore, there will be a more in depth classification system for UK gas meters. Every meter will be settled into one of four classes, depending on the AQ. This will create a more in depth view of gas meters as a whole, moving away from the Daily Metered (DM) and Non Daily Metered (NDM) classification system in place now. 

As part of the changes to the gas system under Project Nexus, Unidentified Gas charges will be modified. Essentially, the new upgrade to the UK system will give a better view of the amount of unidentified gas transported across the UK, and therefore the charges will be reviewed accordingly. Class 1 meters - the highest consuming meters of over 58,600,000 kWh per year will be exempt from Unidentified Gas charges.