For a large tourist attraction company, Kinect provided clear market insight into the technical and behavioural opportunities to reduce energy usage, cut business costs and make them a leaner, greener organisation.

With £50,000 annual energy savings identified from our energy audit and employee engagement exercises, combined with proactive contract advice and renewable technologies, our client is looking forward to a much lower energy bill and reduced environmental impact. 

With energy costs escalating at above inflation rates and typically being one of the top three costs of a business, the Kinect team is regularly brought in to identify ways of assessing and delivering reductions in energy usage. These include solutions such as:

  • Energy audits - we typically find immediately available energy savings worth thousands and substantial savings with quick paybacks
  • Data collection and sub-metering - ensuring you have the insight to be able to identify and pursue long-term energy savings
  • Lighting upgrades - reduce a big portion of your bill with high quality, energy-efficient lighting
  • Renewable energies
  • Employee engagement - getting your staff to save energy through changing their attitude to power conservation
  • ISO 14001, 50001 implementation - putting in place long-term processes to improve your business' environmental and energy impact
  • Many other efficient technologies including heating improvements, building management systems, demand response and more.