How a Scottish hotel is embracing the electric vehicle revolution


As electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK and beyond, businesses are having to adapt to these changes in a big way. Scotland is already leading the pack due to its Government’s ambitious targets to increase the number of EVs on its roads, as well as its 2045 Net Carbon Zero target.

Aiming to phase out new, traditionally fuelled vehicles by 2032, the Scottish Government is already making strong headway towards achieving this goal. With a 46% increase in the registration of new electric vehicles in the last year, the highest rate in the UK, as well as a £20m investment from the Switched on Towns and Cities Challenge Fund to develop the EV infrastructure in five key locations across the country.  

Despite having close to 1,000 charge points across the country, there is still only one hotel in Ayrshire, The Park Hotel in Kilmarnock, offering rapid chargers to its clients.

The Park Hotel currently has four EV chargers - two regular and two rapid. Kinect Energy was instrumental in negotiating a deal for the hotel with the energy supplier NPower and arranging installation of the meter.

The increased demand for rapid charging ports stems from a combination of an increase in the number of visitors with electric vehicles and the number of companies who are now offering EVs as company cars.

Situated next to the Kilmarnock Football Club, The Park Hotel is a popular destination for both holidaymakers, football fans and businesspeople. The opportunity to fulfil the need for a rapid charging port and set the hotel up for the future was too good to miss.

Gordon Anthony, General Manager at The Park Hotel said: “Having these EV charging ports means that we are ready for the future, right now and are able to contribute to the nation’s targets. Being able to offer this facility to our guests is fantastic and allows us to keep up with the increased demand for charging ports in the country.

“As electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as company cars, we had to take note as a large number of our clients are businesspeople travelling for work so require a charger nearby. It is extremely beneficial to have these facilities onsite rather than three miles away; the distance to the next port after ours. 

“Kinect Energy were a massive help throughout the process, negotiating a great deal on the energy supply to the charging point and arranging the installation of the meter.

“As it stands we have no plans to add anymore ports as of yet. The four ports we have are fulfilling current demand so we’re set for the foreseeable future.”

The port is currently being used by guests of the hotel as well visitors to the neighbouring football ground. According to ChargePlace Scotland, since its installation in August 2018, the charging ports have attracted over 100 vehicles to the hotel.

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