We’ve enhanced our ESOS offering to businesses

We have enhanced our ESOS offering to businesses across the UK. ESOS audits were introduced by the Environment Agency to help reduce the amount of energy being wasted by businesses.

Our non-domestic energy assessor Harry Beresford has been awarded the Lead Energy Assessor certification under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) to further strengthen Kinect’s offering in the sector, following Engineering Manager - Europe, Adam Pigott’s certification, which he received in 2015.

Beresford’s certification will allow us to engage with more companies than ever before and help them understand how ESOS audits could impact their business.

Since 2016, all large organisations with more than 250 employees, or a turnover in excess of £50m, are required to comply with ESOS and audits must be repeated every four years to ensure businesses continue to keep their energy waste to a minimum.

ESOS could lead to significant reduction in energy and carbon emissions. According to research by the Carbon Trust, an average of 20% of a business's annual energy costs are wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment.

At Kinect Energy, formerly Orchard Energy, we can help reduce waste by implementing simple lighting controls or performing a full lifecycle cost analysis of the heaviest consumption areas of a business.

Our managing director, Amar Hussain, said: “ESOS presents a significant savings opportunity for large businesses across all sectors and in all areas of the UK, so we’re very pleased to be able to enhance our offering and congratulate Harry on achieving certification.

“We’re eager to engage with new businesses, but it’s also crucial that companies that have previously saved money through ESOS continue to implement recommended energy saving measures, which could lead to even greater long-term benefits.”