Local inn cooks up huge energy savings

We helped a popular Aberdeenshire inn and restaurant make significant savings on its energy bills.

The Lairhillock Inn and Crynoch Function Suite in Netherley, Stonehaven had been paying over the odds on its gas and electricity bills, before approaching our team to carry out audits on its consumption and energy bills to secure potential savings.

By installing a meter at the inn, analysing previous bills and back dating contracts, we secured over 41% of savings on the inn’s electricity, as well as removing Out of Contract (OOC) charges.

On top of that we were also able to source an additional saving of over 19% on their gas bills.

Our team sourced the best Meter Operator Provider (MOP) and Data Collector (DC), which helped generate the savings on gas and electricity through the inn’s meter readings. 

A MOP is responsible for the installation and servicing of the meter and for supplying the meter details to the DC. A DC is responsible for retrieving the details of the energy consumption and providing this consumption data to the energy supplier. The energy supplier can then bill based on the business’s actual consumption.

The Lairhillock Inn’s director, Donald Law, said: “As a small business, we’re always trying to find ways to cut costs, however, finding the time to sit and research is difficult. Having a business like Orchard on our doorstep is invaluable, as they did all the hard work for us.  We really valued Orchard’s local attentive service, as well as a speedy turn around, which helped generate significant savings for the Lairhillock Inn, which is a huge bonus.”

Orchard Energy’s managing director, Amar Hussain, said: “In a very competitive market, it’s important to know where to shop around for the best energy deals, as well as the most cost effective Meter Operator Provider and Data Collector, as these can make a significant difference to the savings a business makes.

“Supporting long standing local businesses, such as the Lairhillock Inn, is what we thrive on. By being able to source and maintain savings on their energy bills and helping to secure their future for years to come.”