Jessica Walsh Day in the Life


Jessica Walsh, our Head of Operations, took over our Twitter account recently to give our followers an insight in to her role at Orchard Energy.

Here’s a recap of her tweets: 

8:00am: Hi my name is Jessica and I’m the Head of Operations. I’ll be tweeting today to give you an insight into Orchard Energy #DayInTheLife

8:10am: I’ve just got into the office and the first thing I’m going to do is plan for the day ahead #DayInTheLife

8:45am: Now I’m going to catch up with the team managers to identify any issues and find out what they have planned for today #DayInTheLife

9:30am: My responsibilities at Orchard are to assist the Operations Director in the smooth running of all Operations teams #DayInTheLife

9:35am: I’m also responsible for Utility Services, Fixed & Flex Pricing and the Renewals Team to ensure an excellent standard of service to clients

9:40am: I also look at the development of the teams and keep processes up to date in line with industry standards #DayInTheLife

10:15am: Now I’m preparing for a meeting with a supplier which I have after lunch #DayInTheLife

12pm: It’s lunch time! Today I’m having a pasta salad. I usually go to the rec room or go for a walk if the weather is nice #DayInTheLife

2pm: I’ve just got back from my meeting so I’m now going to write up my notes from it #DayInTheLife

2:30pm: I’ve worked at Orchard Energy for five years. This is my first job in the industry following my graduation from university #DayInTheLife

2:35pm: I started in current role at the beginning of this year but before that I was head of the bureau management team #DayInTheLife

3pm: Now I’m going to work on some reports. We produce daily, weekly and monthly reports #DayInTheLife

3:30pm: Delivering a win for a client is always very rewarding #DayInTheLife

3:35pm: I also enjoy developing relationships with people we work with. It makes things much easier once you have those developed #DayInTheLife

4pm: A work tradition we have is an office quiz which have once a week and we take it in turns to host them #DayInTheLife

4:15pm: It’s the end of the working day here for me at Orchard. I hope you enjoyed following my #DayInTheLife!

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