What is DCP228 and how will it affect my business?

With the upcoming DCP228 legislation coming into place, we are telling businesses to act now as it will change the way that many firms are charged for their energy use.

Formulated by British Gas in 2016, the new legislation is expected to be enforced by Ofgem in April 2019, which means businesses have less than two years to ready themselves.

The legislation will change the way that customer tariffs are calculated and could drastically impact energy bills.

DCP228 will reduce charges made during peak ‘red’ energy use periods, but businesses that use energy during ‘amber’ and ‘green’ periods could see their bills go up.

Business owners are being encouraged to seek advice and re-examine when energy is consumed, to ensure they are not stung by the changes.

We want businesses to analyse and evaluate their energy use ahead of the upcoming legislation. We can advise business owners on how DCP228 will affect their business, what opportunities there are for savings to be made, and how business owners can mitigate against possible rising bills which will help business owners become more energy savvy.

As a company, we specialise in energy purchasing, bureau services, energy solutions and water management for business across the UK.

Other services include invoice validation, key account management, changes of tenancy, terminations and contract transfers; cost savings compliance and connection; as well as water drainage, such as leak detection.

Following the deregulation of the water marker, businesses can now choose their own water supplier. It’s a good opportunity for financial decision-makers to compare water packages and identify the service that is most cost-effective and works best for them.