Energy savings boost for large energy users in the mineral and metals industries

Power hungry manufacturing industries, in particular minerals and metallurigcals spend huge amounts on energy usage and, coupled with additional costs and government levies, companies are feeling the strain.

At Kinect Energy Group, we’re helping to ease that strain and have already delivered savings to the minerals and metallurgicals industry totalling more than £375,000.

Companies, including a sink manufacturer, a wire manufacturer and a quarry operator, have enlisted our help to address the concerns surrounding increasing energy costs, and spiralling bills from government levies that are currently affecting the industry,

With our acute knowledge of the government’s new climate change levies, and the options and exceptions available to businesses in the minerals and metallurigcals industry, we have enabled the trio of firms to make annual savings totalling well into five figures.

Refunds and rebates on bills previously paid have also been secured for clients within the industry after audits conducted by our team found evidence of inaccurate billing.

In total, we have saved 20 companies from across the industry more than £375,000.

This is due to our proactive management of all areas of utilities and our ‘joined-up’ approach to utility management which has ensured that all opportunities to reduce costs were explored.

Our experts understand the complex nature of the sector and their relationship with the energy market and government levies. We are able to explore all opportunities which allow us to make recommendations solely for the benefit of businesses.