What to expect from an energy audit

In this blog we take a look at what you can expect from an energy audit. Here, Lucia Harney-Dey, our associate director gives her step-by-step guide on what you need to know.

At Kinect Energy Group, formerly Orchard Energy, we have a team of trained engineers and energy market experts who will work with you to conduct a full audit of your energy usage. The process is quick and hassle-free and will involve a detailed document of all our findings to help you secure the best possible rates for your energy supply, while also advising on energy efficient methods to further cut costs.

1. Research phase – Firstly, a team of engineers will visit your site to understand how you manage and use energy in your operations. Whether it’s a full tour around your manufacturing facility, or checking lighting and heating in your offices, our experts will spend time with you to build up the big ‘energy’ picture in your business. This will include a full statement of your current energy usage in all areas, from heating and lighting, to hot water, insulation, ventilation, gas and electricity.

You can expect the research phase to take around half a day; the engineer will also require your energy bills and data from the last year.

2. Energy data analysis - Once our engineers have conducted their initial research of your site they will carefully analyse the energy data they have collected and tie this with the visit observations.

3. Detailed energy report - Our experts will then make their recommendations in a detailed report on all viable energy savings across your business, whether it’s the effective management of people by educating and incentivising them to make changes to their behaviour,  or cutting-costs in production and processes. This report pays for itself and there’ll be some pleasant surprises that we’ll present back to you.

4. Calculations of potential savings – We will provide detailed calculations of your current spend versus the potential savings you could make if you were to implement energy efficient measures. If you have the capital available, you can expect to be able to make 20% cost savings with a 2-3 year payback.

5. Next steps – The process of an energy audit will take around six weeks in total. At the end of the process, in order to implement energy savings, we can provide support in two key ways: access to funding and implementing energy saving measures.

At Kinect Energy we have implemented energy-saving measures amounting to hundreds of thousands of savings for our clients, across factors such as lighting, heating, employee engagement, controls, renewable, voltage optimisation and sub-metering.

Our energy solutions service helps you balance utility costs, lower energy overheads and reduce your environmental impact. You will also have access to a dedicated account manager.

If you’d like to speak to one of our team about an energy audit for your business please call us on 0844 581 0844 or alternatively you can email us at lucia.harney-dey@orchardenergy.co.uk