Managing all aspects of your water, wastewater and trade effluent services

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On 1 April 2017 the non-domestic water market will open up in England for the very first time. This means businesses nationwide will have the opportunity to switch water supplier in the same way they choose their energy supplier.

Currently the market is in a period of ‘shadow operation’ whereby businesses are eligible to negotiate their contracts ahead of the switch. Negotiating prior to 1 April ensures businesses are in the best position possible to make savings and find the right contract to suit their needs.

At Orchard Energy we help businesses with energy procurement and management, but did you know we also have a dedicated water team who are already negotiating water contracts on behalf of business customers in England?

We also offer a range of water services to manage all aspects of your water, wastewater and trade effluent services:

Leak Detection

For customers who either have or think they have a leak, we offer a leak detection service. We detect underground leaks that waste huge volumes of water and have a significant cost implication.

Leak Repair

If our customers have either an above ground leak or underground leak we send out a team to repair the leak and get the customer back up and running again as swiftly as possible.  We offer this service on a planned or emergency basis.

Automated Meter Reading

Our AMR service gives customers the opportunity to monitor and track water consumption data online. Our secure and easy to use online customer portal has a suite of reports and graphs.

Water Saving Devices

We have a range of water saving devices that help customers become more water efficient and save money. These range from waterless urinals, to percussion taps and water efficient shower heads.

Water Efficiency Audits

Our expert water auditors can attend site and audit all aspects of your water consumption. They will then pull together a recommendations report outlining all the findings and suggestions on how to become more water efficient and save money.

Trade Effluent Consultancy & Advice

Trade Effluent and the associated charges can be a complex minefield for customers. Our team of experts are fully aware of the split Mogden formula used for charging trade effluent across the UK and can provide assistance and support to optimise and reduce charges in this area.

Our team can a review trade effluent consents and target areas for efficiency and provide advice and support to help manage consent with water companies.

Lead Pipe Replacement & Mains Rehabilitation

We can also arrange for full replacement of old lead pipework or mains rehabilitation.

To contact Chris our water manager or a member of the water services team about the water deregulation in England, or any of our auxiliary services, please email