What is P272 and will it affect your business?

P272 refers to a piece of OFGEM regulation that affects the way your energy consumption is settled. 

The new P272 regulation rules require energy suppliers to use more detailed energy usage data, known as half-hourly consumption data (HH data), to calculate customers’ bills using advanced automatic meter reading (AMR) meters. 

There have been proposed amendments to the roll out timescale of P272 which has been moved back to April 2017. This was after the industry raised concerns to Ofgem about the original implementation date of April 2016. Extending the P272 Implementation Date to April 2017 will significantly reduce the risk of contract interruptions.

P272 affects any business which has a maximum demand supply (Profile classes 05-08 inclusive) that has an AMR fitted. If this applies to your meter then it will be converted into fully compliant half-hourly meter (HH) automatically by your electricity supplier. From 5 November 2015, suppliers must move sites in Profile Classes 5-8 with advanced meters to HH settlement within 45 days of customer acquisition or contract renewal.

 In order to ascertain if you have one of the affected profile classes, we would advise you to check your bill and find the box that is similar in layout to this image.

The conversion to HH metering will give business customers a more detailed view of their energy costs as Orchard Energy will retrieve energy data from your sites on a half-hourly basis. Also, customers who reduce energy consumption at peak times (for example early in the morning and late afternoon, particularly in winter) will see a reduction in their unit rate when they come to negotiate their next contract.

With half-hourly meters (HH) there are specific agent services and agreements which are a requirement and these include a Meter Operator Provider (MOP) and a Data Collector (DC), both of which Orchard Energy Ltd can negotiate on your behalf:

·         A MOP is responsible for the installation of the meter and for servicing the meter.

·         A DC is responsible for retrieving the details of the energy consumption at a business and providing this consumption data to the energy supplier. This allows the energy supplier to bill on this actual consumption.

We can advise businesses on what to do if you are contacted by your distribution company directly to agree a kVA level and we are able to coordinate everything on your behalf. Our representatives will present appropriate offers at your client renewal meetings and answer any questions you may have.

Our expert Bureau Services team can help with queries on the P272 regulation and what this means for your business. You can call them on 0844 581 0844 or email bureauservices@orchardenergy.co.uk.